How the Last Superpower Was Unchained

Jun 18, 2018
More than 16 years after 9/11, having faced only lightly armed enemies, still wealthy beyond compare, still with a matchlessly funded military, the United States has won literally nothing.
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Delusionary Washington: The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower

May 28, 2015
Russia refuses to curtail support for armed separatists in Ukraine; China refuses to abandon its base-building endeavors in the South China Sea; the Islamic State movement refuses to capitulate in the face of U.S. airpower. What is a declining superpower supposed to do in the face of such defiance?

Russians Invade Afghanistan (Again!), Chinese Fight Iraq War (Again!)

Nov 27, 2014
After 13 years of doing its damnedest, the U.S. has overseen the rise of the dominant narco-state on the planet with monopoly control over up to 90 percent of the global opium supply and 75 percent of the heroin. It’s also been complicit in the creation of the first terrorist mini-oil state in history, a post-al-Qaeda triumph of extreme jihadism.

A World Where No One Listens to the Planet’s Sole Superpower

Sep 30, 2013
Ever fewer countries, allies, or enemies, are paying attention, much less kowtowing, to the once-formidable power of the world’s last superpower. The list of defiant figures -- from Egyptian generals to Saudi princes, Iraqi Shiite leaders to Israeli politicians -- is lengthening.

And Then There Was One

May 8, 2013
To this day, we’ve never quite taken in the moment when Soviet imperial rot unexpectedly -- above all, to Washington -- became imperial crash-and-burn. Left standing, the United States -- the Cold War's victor -- seemed like an empire of everything under the sun. It was as if humanity had always been traveling toward this spot.

A History of the World, BRIC by BRIC

Apr 26, 2012
Here's the multi-trillion dollar question: Does the emergence of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa as economic powers signal that we have truly entered a new multipolar world?

The China Superpower Hoax

Sep 23, 2010
How is a country with a lower per capita income than Kazakhstan, one of the worst environmental records of any major nation and a dictatorship, besides, hailed by so many as the next global superpower?How is a country with a lower per capita income than Kazakhstan hailed by so many as the next global superpower?