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The Real Reason the Amtrak Train Derailed

May 14, 2015
The blood of the people who died in the Amtrak accident Wednesday is on all our hands; new research explains why people tend to be healthier during summer; meanwhile, Kim Jong-Un has executed his defense minister for falling asleep during military rallies, among other reasons. These discoveries and more after the jump.

New York City’s Summers May Heat Up

May 24, 2013
Cities are liable to heat up much more than open countryside as the climate warms, and in the case of New York City, this could mean a big increase in heat-related deaths.

The Games Begin in Beijing

Aug 8, 2008
With plenty of pomp and pageantry (not to mention some serious pyrotechnics) -- and with auspicious figures like President Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in attendance -- the Olympic Summer Games kicked off in Beijing on Friday.