Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?

Jun 23, 2006
Remember when Jon Stewart famously told the "Crossfire" boys that they were "hurting America"? Well, now two political scientists are saying the same thing about Stewart. In a study, students who watched "The Daily Show" developed cynical attitudes about politics, the news media and the electoral system. Actually, more cynicism and skepticism would be helpful in the age of Bush and his Lies. But if, as the study suggests, "The Daily Show" turns young people off from voting, we can't be happy about that.
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‘The Pill’ Turns 46 Years Old

May 10, 2006
On May 9, 1960, the FDA approved Enovid, the first birth control pill, for clinical use Many court cases, a sexual revolution and a fundamentalist backlash later, use of and access to contraceptives is still very much a hot-button issue in the US Read a roundup of information and opinion relating to the release of an explosive report last week connecting a spike in unwanted pregnancies among the poor to decreased contraceptive use (h/t: Feministing) REPORT: A Tale of Two Americas for Women: The Contraception-Abortion Connection press release | PDF (Guttmacher Institute) Timeline: The Pill (PBS).

Breast Cancer More Deadly to Blacks Than Whites

Mar 22, 2006
Black American women are 19% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women, according to a new study. This is just the most recent of many studies illustrating that within our healthcare system, even after controlling for socioeconomic factors, blacks still receive a poorer quality of healthcare than whites.

Go Ahead, Eat That Foie Gras!

Feb 8, 2006
A landmark study has concluded that a low-fat diet does not reduce the risk of getting cancer or heart disease | story or read the reportsDon't start mainlining lard just yet The next study is surely just around the corner .