steve schmidt

Palin ‘Going Rogue’

Oct 26, 2008
Is Sarah Palin's recent drop in popularity due to the laws of political gravity, or are McCain-Palin campaign advisers to blame? Whatever the reason, Palin is said to be growing frustrated with certain aides and taking her own direction in her latest speeches, with her eye on the White House in 2012 .

CBS Has More Palin Gold in the Vault

Sep 29, 2008
There was so much excitement last week between the bailout showdown and the debate that many people didn't get a chance to see Sarah Palin's tailspin interview with Katie Couric CBS, it turns out, has even more in store The network will air at least two more embarrassing clips before Thursday's VP debate.
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McCain Campaign Revamped by Rove Protégé

Sep 7, 2008
"Fun Steve is dead" was the announcement that Steve Schmidt, the McCain campaign adviser who The New York Times notes "worked closely with Karl Rove" in 2002 and 2004, made to his team at a particularly low moment last summer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the bombastic tactics Team McCain has since adopted can be traced to the demise of "Fun Steve."