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Obama Tallies Up Year-End Wins

Dec 23, 2010
Although the outcome of this fall's midterm elections didn't suggest great possibilities for the last two years of President Obama's term, he would like to suggest, as he does in this speech after Wednesday's START vote, that .

Senate Aims for New START Vote (Update)

Dec 23, 2010
Atop Wednesday's to-do list in the Senate was a vote on the proposed and revised version of the U.S.' Strategic Nuclear Arms Reduction treaty with Russia, which was running up against resistance from some Republicans in the chamber but still seemed likely to pass.

Congress Heads for Holiday Overtime

Dec 21, 2010
Members of the House and Senate may be in for a longer week than they'd hoped for if they don't get some serious legislating done -- and fast. The height of the holiday season may be at hand, but it's also the lame-duck season, which could lead to last-ditch-effort time.

Russia Fires Off START Warning

Dec 21, 2010
Some members of the US Senate are dragging their feet and kvetching about wording issues in the latest American-Russian disarmament pact, the START treaty, as they prepare to vote for its ratification In response, they have received a clear message from Moscow .

Blaming Obama’s America First

Nov 29, 2010
We are about to enter a two-year period in which the Beltway Republicans will always blame Obama's America first -- you know, the America that happens to disagree with much of the conservative agenda, the America from which they want to "take back" the country, as if the rest of us represent an alien force.

Pending START Treaty Gets Restarted

Nov 15, 2010
The pending START treaty, signed by Barack Obama but not yet approved by the Senate, is being reheated by the president after his trip to Asia and is set to be a top priority of both the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress before newly elected Republican lawmakers arrive in January.