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White-Collar Immigrants on the Rise

Apr 16, 2010
To the anti-immigrant sentiment in the country, here's a noteworthy fact: A new analysis of census data shows that in 14 of the country's 25 largest metropolitan areas, more immigrants are employed in white-collar jobs than in the low-wage blue-collar work we normally associate them with.

‘SNL’ Spoofs the VP Debate

Oct 5, 2008
Parody is the best policy, as evidenced by the boost that "Saturday Night Live" has recently enjoyed, thanks to Sarah Palin lookalike (and sometime comedy star) Tina Fey. We kid, but so do Fey, Queen Latifah and Jason Sudeikis -- playing Republican VP candidate Palin, PBS' Gwen Ifill and Democratic VP pick Joe Biden, respectively -- in this clip from the show's Oct. 4 episode.