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Privacy by Design

Jul 24, 2012
Nicholas Merrill is tired of waiting for Congress to protect Americans' privacy online So he plans to force the matter by changing the way telecommunication companies do business So he plans to change the way telecommunication companies do business.

Sprint Unveils First 4G Phone

Mar 24, 2010
America’s third-place carrier doesn’t get that many high-five opportunities, but somewhere Sprint executives are bruising their palms after announcing the EVO 4G, the first phone in America to run on a next-generation wireless network. (continued)

Thanks to Sprint, the Cops May Have a GPS Fix on You

Dec 3, 2009
Most mobile phones have tiny GPS chips that do things like give directions or route your call to the right city when you dial 911. It turns out that law enforcement can ask phone companies for GPS info that reveals exactly where a phone owner is, and, according to a disturbing piece of audio making the rounds, the cops asked Sprint-Nextell for the locations of customers 8 million times in one year. (continued and video)