Male Pill May Be Within Reach

May 25, 2012
Researchers investigating the cause of male infertility think they’ve spotted a means to male contraception. A group at the University of Edinburgh has identified a gene essential to late-stage sperm production. Developing a drug that turns off that gene or interrupts its functioning could lead to temporary infertility in men without tampering with hormones.
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Sperm Bank Bans Redheads

Sep 19, 2011
Cryos, an international network of sperm banks based in Denmark, is refusing donations from gingers, because, says director Ole Schou, there simply isn't demand outside of Ireland, where red hair sells "like hot cakes." The company is most interested in sperm from Indian donors and those with brown hair and eyes. (more)

Presenting: Sperm in a Test Tube

Mar 25, 2011
They've gone and done it, those crafty scientists: As reported by Nature (as in the publication), a team of Japanese researchers has successfully cultivated "fully developed sperm" from "immature mouse testicles." And they're not just showing off.

Men Have Biological Clocks Too

Sep 5, 2006
A group of U.S. and UK researchers have suggested that children born to older fathers are likelier to develop autism. The study of 132,271 Israeli children implies the possibility that men also have time constraints on procreation.