special forces
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Obama’s Assassination Machine

Jul 14, 2011
Fred Branfman was in Laos when the U.S. began covertly dropping bombs on the country's civilian population in 1969 as part of its military operations in neighboring Vietnam. Today, he writes about the Obama administration's international counterterrorism plan, which involves 60,000 Special Operations forces worldwide. (more)

U.K. Cheers On Arab Spring While Training Its Opponents

May 29, 2011
Just days after the British government pledged $181 million in grants and loans to foster economically viable democratic transitions in Egypt and Tunisia, a Freedom of Information Act report confirmed that British military personnel are training the same Saudi security forces that were used to crush recent popular uprisings in Bahrain (more) .

U.S. Attack in Syria Kills 8

Oct 27, 2008
Syrian authorities have demanded to know why US forces crossed the Iraq-Syria border and killed eight people A U official said the raid -- the first ever on Syrian soil -- targeted foreign fighters Damascus said the dead were Syrian civilians.