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Russian Authorities Aren’t Toying Around

Feb 16, 2012
After a protest against the Russian government composed entirely of plush toys and figurines captured the attention of the press and local authorities in Barnaul, Russia, last month, government officials have gone so far as to specify that inanimate playthings can't assemble for public political gatherings.

U.S., Russian Satellites Collide, Go Boom

Feb 12, 2009
It's getting crowded in space. A U.S. telecommunications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite smacked into each other in orbit over Siberia on Tuesday. According to NASA, no one was to blame for the unprecedented collision: "We don't have an air traffic controller in space."

Russian Flag on North Pole Seabed

Aug 3, 2007
Although Canada and the U.S., among other nations, are disputing Russia's claim to vast territory in the Arctic, Russia has planted its flag on the ocean floor at the North Pole. Why does it matter? Well, some 25 percent of the Earth's oil reserves might be at stake.