AUDIO: ‘Left, Right & Center’: Shame, Speedboats and Trade

Jun 13, 2015
Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer and the other “Left, Right & Center” panelists discuss Jeb Bush’s 1995 lament that society no longer stigmatizes having children outside of marriage. Do we need more shame in our lives? Also, The New York Times publishes a story critical of Sen. Marco Rubio’s finances, and House Democrats deal President Obama a blow on trade reform.

Microsoft Hunkers Down in China

Mar 26, 2010
Call its decision soulless and/or good business, Microsoft has decided to stay in China despite the departure of its competitor, Google, from the country after a row between the government and the search site over the censorship of Web pages.
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Virginity Pledge? What Virginity Pledge?

Jan 1, 2009
A new study looking at virginity pledges -- promises made by teenagers to wait until marriage for sex -- has found that such vows largely fell flaccid, as sexual behavior of pledged teens was little different than non-pledgers, and that, hilariously, a whopping 82 percent, five years later, had either forgotten or denied taking the pledge.