U.S. Coal Industry Revives—for Now

Jan 11, 2018
Before his election, Donald Trump promised a new age for coal. But so far, the industry’s gains appear to be temporary, and its future remains bleak.

Energy Wars of Attrition: The Irony of Oil Abundance

Mar 11, 2016
The oil attrition wars may not lead us into a future of North American triumphalism or even to a more modest Saudi version of the same but into a strange new world in which an unlimited capacity to produce oil meets an increasingly crippled capitalist system without the capacity to absorb it.

The Real Story Behind the Oil Price Collapse

Mar 13, 2015
With demand stagnant and excess production the story of the moment, the very strategy that once generated record-breaking profits for the oil industry has suddenly become hopelessly dysfunctional.
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Scientists Refute Lower Emissions Claim for Fracking

Oct 19, 2014
As advanced technology triggers the boom in extraction of natural gas, a new study warns that market forces mean the cheaper fossil fuel could replace not just coal, but also low-emission renewable and nuclear energy.

Fracking Fuels Conflict Over Water Resources

Sep 15, 2014
Limited water supplies near the richest oil and gas reserves accessible through fracking threaten to create tensions that could block future projects using the controversial extraction process.

Campaigners Spy Signs of Concern Among Frackers

Jun 26, 2014
U.K. Green Party MP Caroline Lucas asks if the NATO general secretary really believes Russia is secretly the puppet master behind efforts to stop shale gas extraction in Europe, or if anti-fracking campaigns are just becoming more effective.

Fracking Boom Threatens U.S. Water Supplies

Jun 18, 2014
Widespread fracking for oil or gas may have transformed the U.S. energy market, but campaigners warn that the boom is seriously depleting or contaminating vital water supplies.

The Energy Revolution Is In Reverse

Apr 18, 2014
The world should be moving to a clean energy future, the IPCC says. The recent record of global greenhouse emissions show it's heading in entirely the wrong direction.

Fossil Fuel Euphoria

Oct 17, 2013
For years, energy analysts had been anticipating an imminent decline in global oil supplies. Suddenly they’re singing a new song, and the expected boost in energy is predicted to provide the United States with a cornucopia of economic and political rewards, including industrial expansion at home and enhanced geopolitical clout abroad.

The Natural Gas Bubble

Jan 5, 2013
The natural gas industry is waging an aggressive public relations campaign to bolster investor confidence, despite evidence showing that shale gas is an unreliable resource and that the production process releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere. The natural gas industry is waging an aggressive PR campaign to bolster investor confidence, despite evidence that the production process releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere.