sex education

The Bush Baby Boom

Jul 21, 2009
Yet another report confirms, as The Guardian explains, "that rates of teen pregnancy and STDs are, after more than a decade of decline, once again on the rise." Thanks to President Bush's abstinence-only sex education agenda, black, Hispanic and poor women are more likely to have unwanted pregnancies.
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Bristol Palin: Abstinence-Only Plan Doesn’t Work

Feb 17, 2009
Last fall, Bristol Palin became a controversial figure in her mother Sarah Palin's vice presidential bid when it was revealed, not long after the elder Palin took to the campaign trail, that the teenaged Bristol was pregnant by her high school boyfriend. Now Bristol has re-emerged to make a few comments that run against her mom's approach to teen sex ed.

Who Invited God to the DNC?

Sep 1, 2008
So what was with all of the invocations of the deity at last week's Democratic National Convention? Stephen Colbert talks about the Dems' public displays of piety with Lori Lippman Brown, director of the Secular Coalition for America, producing another kind of sacred text to take the Bible's place as he swears Brown in for her "Colbert Report" testimonial.

Romney, Obama Spar Over Sex Ed

Jul 21, 2007
What's the right way to talk to children about sex? Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have different ideas about how to answer this classic question -- and for his part, Obama thinks stories about storks don't fly after a certain age. Meanwhile, Romney proudly touts his record in promoting abstinence education.

Birth Control Is Back

Jul 18, 2007
The U.S. continues to have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world, despite this week's reports of doubled sales of the controversial over-the-counter birth control method Plan B, otherwise known as "the morning-after pill." So why does Washington continue to push abstinence-only sex education against all better scientific judgments?