The Original Geo-Engineers: How to Save the Iconic West from the Cow

Jul 31, 2014
The great novelist Wallace Stegner sorted the conflicting impulses in his beloved American West into two camps: the “boomers” and the “nesters.” The modern version of the nesters are conservationists who try to partner with the ecosystems where they live. They understand that you cannot steer and control nature, but you might be able to dance with it.

A Disappearing Brazilian Tribe Cries Out

Apr 23, 2012
Terrorized by gunmen, loggers, drug traffickers and encroaching farmers, the 355 surviving members of the Amazonian Awá tribe face extinction if the Brazilian government and the international community fail to protect them from what a Brazilian judge termed "a real genocide."
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Netanyahu: The U.S. Is ‘Easy’

Jul 18, 2010
The US is easy -- or so says Benjamin Netanyahu The Israeli prime minister was recorded in 2001, apparently without his knowledge, claiming that the U was "easy" to manipulate and that Israel should launch a broad attack against the Palestinian Authority that would be "so painful that the price will be too heavy to be borne".

Forget Religion, Settlers See a Bargain

Sep 23, 2009
Roughly 2.4 percent of the Israeli population has managed to hijack the peace process by moving into settlements in Palestinian territory. So what drives these people? It may have less to do with religion and more to do with the low cost of living on occupied land.