senior citizen

Surviving Without a Safety Net

Mar 9, 2010
People are just barely hanging on at employment offices, homeless shelters, food banks and community centers around the country Help is needed right away and Barack Obama is struggling to give itPeople are just barely hanging on at employment offices around the country.

Your Handy Guide to Obama’s Health Care Proposal

Feb 24, 2010
Here we have Linda Douglass, communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform, lending her interpretive skills to C-SPAN to talk up some of the details of Barack Obama's health care reform proposal, which she calls an "opening bid" by the president ahead of Thursday's big bipartisan health care huddle.
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Those Sexy Seniors

Aug 24, 2007
A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine this week reports that American men and women are enjoying active sex lives well into their autumn years. If the article is indeed an accurate indication, well over half of the country's seniors (at least up to age 85, given the study's parameters) are doing their job to challenge some stereotypical views of sex at an advanced age.

Sex Ed for Seniors

Jul 26, 2007
Although many assume the elderly lead largely abstinent lives, AIDS is on the rise among seniors as HIV-positive Americans are living longer than ever. With one study suggesting the majority of HIV patients in New York will be over 50 within a decade, AIDS workers are beginning to pay more attention to the senior set.