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Google’s Latest Challenger: MC Hammer

Oct 21, 2011
The year 1990 is calling with the exciting news that none other than MC Hammer has decided to reinvent himself as a Web entrepreneur (And we really hope he gives webinars) This story comes with the unexpected twist that instead of, say, making his distinctive mark in the domain of digital music (more).

Google May Close Virtual Doors in China

Mar 13, 2010
Google is "99.9 percent" certain it will shut down its search engine operation in China after the government in Beijing warned the company that it was flouting the country's censorship laws, which require limited access to content like "Tiananmen Square" and "democracy."

Google Might Not Be Sorely Missed in China

Feb 2, 2010
It certainly did sound dramatic, the whole idea that execs at Google were throwing down the virtual gauntlet and threatening to pull out of China after clashing with the government over censorship, but it turns out that there hasn't exactly been an uproar among the Chinese about the possibility of losing Google's services.

Google Can Help Newspapers, Says Google CEO

Dec 4, 2009
Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt has gazed into the future of the news business, and -- surprise! -- he sees Google playing a big, vital role. In his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece, Schmidt heralds the advent, in the not-so-distant future, of an era in which the Internet "will foster a new, digital business model." Hmmm!

Murdoch, Microsoft May Team Up to Challenge Google

Nov 24, 2009
Over the last decade, Google has ballooned into the many-headed online hydra we know it to be today, and despite grumblings about monopolies and a couple of legal tussles, the company's viselike grip has seemed assured for years to come However, News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch might be gearing up (continued) .

Google Teams Up With Speedy Bookmaker

Sep 18, 2009
Bibliophiles who can't warm up to the idea of curling up with an e-reader or a laptop instead of a bona fide book may be heartened to hear that Google just took a significant step in the direction of making more book titles available on short notice -- in the offline world.

Bush Uses ‘the Google’

Oct 25, 2006
A CNBC host asked Bush whether he used the most popular search engine on Earth. His response betrayed an unfamiliarity with the Internet not seen in a politician since Sen. Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens spoke out on the subject.

Judge Orders Google to Turn Over Some Data

Mar 14, 2006
A federal judge says he will require the search engine company to provide the government with some search-query data in connection with the Justice Dept.'s attempts to revive an online child pornography law. It's unclear what kind of and how much data the judge will order turned over. That strange shifting underneath your feet? It's the slippery slope we're all sliding down, toward an Orwellian future. Truthdig's Google expert Mark Malseed has the skinny on the implications of this battle.