Mad in America

Feb 4, 2011
What do we have now? An anti-war movement that is so gutless and so savagely unimaginative that it has proved itself to be too lazy, even too cowardly, to face down the very disease of oligarchy that it had concocted itself to cure.It is a queer fact, indeed, that none of the most outspoken and anti-authoritarian radicals in this country are under 65 years old.
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Dems Blow Override, Vow to Keep On Fighting

Oct 19, 2007
House Democrats managed to pick up a few more votes for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, but not enough to override the president's veto. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to keep fighting for the overwhelmingly popular program: "In the next two weeks we will send the president another bill that insures coverage for 10 million children."

Congressman Blasts Bush for Sinking SCHIP

Oct 19, 2007
After the House failed to override Bush's veto of the SCHIP children's health care renewal bill on Thursday, Rep. Pete Stark berated the administration and the bill's opponents. In light of their attitude, he questioned whether the nation's kids would "grow old enough for you to send [them] to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

Our Offspring Fontanel

Oct 17, 2007
Oooh. He's clever. And obviously knows exactly what he's doing. This is all a setup, people. Has to be. Yes, I'm talking about George Bush's veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Who but a total stoned horned ogre would do that? Maybe an ogre with something up his sleeve, eh?

‘Daily Show’: Bush as Cartoon Villain

Oct 5, 2007
Yeah, so it sounded like a great idea -- raise taxes on cigarettes in order to fund children's health care initiatives -- but apparently President Bush didn't think so, as he hit Congress' proposed SCHIP reauthorization bill with the veto stick on Wednesday. Thankfully, we have Jon Stewart to help us vent our collective frustration through the magic of satire.