Meet the 'Farce,' Darrell Issa

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Given his personal familiarity with investigations -- hey, he's been on the receiving end of them a number of times!--Congressman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., is uniquely qualified to chair the House Oversight Committee, according to Salon editor-at-large Joan Walsh.

Watergate Amnesia, the Nixonian Slur and Other Big Lies

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Let's state this very simply, so everybody will understand. The notion that Barack Obama is "Nixonian" -- or that his administration's recent troubles bear any resemblance to "Watergate" -- is the biggest media lie since the phony "Whitewater scandal" crested during the Clinton presidency.

The Problem With Obama’s Second Term

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The Obama White House is on the defensive and floundering: Benghazi, the IRS’ investigations of right-wing groups, the Justice Department’s snooping into journalists’ phone records, Obamacare behind schedule, the administration’s push for gun control ending in failure. Whom should the blame fall on?

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I know, I know: This "confluence" of "scandals" spells "trouble" for the Obama administration. Well, sure, this has been hell week for the president. But what spells trouble for our country is our apparent eagerness to avoid debate about discrete problems by sacrificing the particulars and the facts to the idol of political narrative.

Berlusconi Protesters Have a Few Tricks Up Their Sleeve


Following a long-standing tradition of creative Italian resistance, activists are planning to adorn Silvio Berlusconi’s villa with condoms, as well as performing parodies set to the soundtrack of “Grease,” to protest the prime minister’s most recent alleged sexual escapades.

Inventing Sin: Religion and Homosexuality

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No matter their own scandals, religious institutions through history have a consistent scapegoat: homosexuals. Larry Gross digs into why churches condemn gays to damnation. Religious institutions throughout history have a consistent scapegoat: homosexuals. Gross writes on why gays have been condemned to damnation.

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