Thou Shalt Not Exceed the Speed Limit

Jun 20, 2007
The Vatican has come up with "Ten Commandments" for drivers, warning that cars can be "an occasion of sin." The document recommends prayer for surviving the road in good physical and spiritual condition, especially saying the rosary while driving because its "rhythm and gentle repetition does not distract the driver's attention."
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Iraqis Call Out McCain

Apr 3, 2007
Merchants at a Baghdad market have objected to Sen John McCain's assertion that his recent visit was evidence of the US troop surge working Unlike the typical Iraqi shopper, the Republican congressional delegation that visited the Shorja market Sunday was protected by 100 U soldiers, attack helicopters, body armor and, just to be safe, a contingent of snipers.

And They Think Hair Gel Is a Problem

Mar 17, 2007
A different sort of terror took to the skies last week when a man on a SkyWest Airlines flight relieved himself in an air sickness bag after the captain banned restroom use. The airline has since apologized to John Whipple, whose action, remarkably, went unnoticed by any other passenger.