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And Now, a Word About ‘Czar’ Mythology

Sep 28, 2009
Certain prominent media figures who shall remain nameless are getting all worked up about President Obama's "czars" and, having latched onto this term as fodder for a little old-fashioned partisan punditry, are busy freaking out their followers with sinister socialist imagery -- but let's take a good look at the recent history of this term in American politics, shall we?

Gorbachev on Gorbachev

Sep 21, 2009
You'd think that Mikhail Gorbachev, having stood at several key historical junctions in the not-so-distant past, might have a few thoughts about his time in office and the turns of events that happened since -- and Soviet Russia's last leader does.
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Extreme Makeover: Republican Edition

May 4, 2009
They may be drawing from the same ol' value system -- based on buzzwords like individualism, faith, "family values" and free market capitalism -- but prominent members of the GOP, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, are looking to revamp their party's image and regain political traction.

Obama Sorry for Nancy Reagan Séance Remark

Nov 8, 2008
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during Barack Obama's apology call to Nancy Reagan on Friday. Obama called Mrs. Reagan after making a jokey comment, during his first press conference since he was elected president, in which he referred obliquely to her reported esoteric interests during her time in the White House.

The RNC, CliffsNotes Edition

Sep 9, 2008
Could it be that Republican former presidential contender Rudy Giuliani made a couple of passing references to terrorism during his speech at last week's Republican National Convention? Perhaps he did, and you can see them, along with other key moments from the RNC, in this priceless exercise in video editing by HuffPo's "23/6" division.

Former Reagan Official: White House Sanctioned Georgia-Russia Conflict

Aug 16, 2008
Paul Craig Roberts, who was assistant secretary of the treasury during Ronald Reagan's presidency, sees the Georgia-Russia conflict differently than the Bush administration does: "Americans themselves have nothing to gain," Roberts said Friday; "What is operating is the dangerous ideology of the American neoconservatives whose goal is to assert American hegemony over the entire world."

Bush I Backs McCain

Feb 19, 2008
John McCain's recent jockeying to make himself look like a direct heir to Ronald Reagan's Republican legacy was helped along Monday by George H.W. Bush's vote of confidence that McCain is indeed the right person to lead the nation as the next president.

Ronnie’s Legacy

Mar 8, 2007
Many of our nation's latest scandals, from the abject failure to rebuild New Orleans to the abuse of veterans at Walter Reed, are the logical result of a contempt for government so zealously implemented by Ronald Reagan and his political descendants.