rolling stone

General Discharge

Jun 23, 2010
Rolling Stone's definitive piece on the “Runaway General” establishes the man in charge of the Afghanistan misadventure as an egotistical flake whose half-baked Afghan war-fighting strategy should never have been endorsed in the first place.After the brilliant Rolling Stone article by Michael Hastings, President Barack Obama has no valid option other than to fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

11 Revelations From Rolling Stone’s McChrystal Profile

Jun 23, 2010
Early reports already chewed over the insults to Ambassadors Eikenberry and Holbrooke and National Security Adviser Jones, but there's a lot more to the Rolling Stone article that could mean Gen Stanley McChrystal's ass Here (after the jump) are 11 jaw-droppers, groaners and sigh-inducerscom/eartotheground/item/mcchrystal_apologizes_for_scandalous_magazine_profile_20100622/" title="Early reports">Early reports chewed over the insults, but there's a lot more to the <a href="http://www Here are 11 jaw-droppers, groaners and sigh-inducers.
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Investigation Finds Massive Bid to Steal the Election

Oct 18, 2008
As John McCain and GOP operatives rattle their sabers about ACORN's alleged "voter fraud" tactics, tag-team investigators Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have released some truly scary findings, in the latest Rolling Stone, from their investigation into Republican efforts to steal the 2008 presidential election.