The Cycle of Violence

Nov 16, 2006
Because of regular rocket attacks on its territory, Israel has been conducting military incursions into Gaza, including an artillery shelling that killed 19 civilians. In response to the attack, Palestinian militants fired even more rockets into Israel, killing a woman and prompting Defense Minister Amir Peretz to vow revenge.

Here We Go Again

Aug 29, 2006
Donald Rumsfeld paid a visit to a missile defense interceptor site on Sunday, and managed limited praise for the failure-ridden program. The Bush administration, which deployed the system before testing was complete, has plans for expansion with a new base in Europe.
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Deadly Israeli Airstrike Kills 37 Children, Ignites Arab Fury

Jul 30, 2006
The Israeli missile attack on a southern Lebanese village, which killed at least 57, has thrown the incipient peace process into complete disarray. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice canceled her trip to the region after the Lebanese prime minister told her not to come unless she was willing to press for a complete cease-fire -- which she wasn't. Israel expressed deep regret for the incident but vowed to continue its campaign for 10 days to two weeks more.

Israeli Girls Write Messages on Lebanon-Bound Shells

Jul 19, 2006
A nauseating sign of the times: Preteen Israeli girls at a heavy artillery position in northern Israel are photographed apparently gleefully scrawling their names and other inscriptions on shells destined to be dropped on Lebanon. One reads "Nazrala with love" -- a reference to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasarallah. (h/t: Zak Brown) We find it disgusting whenever the ordnance of ANY country bears these kinds of messages. But to see children doing the writing is almost beyond the pale.

Even Shiite-Held Basra Is Safe Zone No More

May 7, 2006
The crash of a British helicopter in the southern Iraqi city of Basra led to a crackdown by British soldiers and five Iraqi deaths A melee ensued--stone-throwing, Molotov cocktails A BBC correspondent called the worsening situation a "dramatic change in attitude" toward the British presence.