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NASA Needs More Moonage Daydreamers

Feb 9, 2010
A lot of people have said in recent weeks that the space agency simply lacks the chutzpah that put a man on a moon. Figure out global warming? Boring, they say. The Onion has come up with a satirical solution that just might blow your minds: Project Spaceman, the David Bowie-inspired Glam Space Program. (continued)

The Next Generation of Fascists

Jul 3, 2007
At a rock concert in Zagreb, Croatia, this weekend, a young generation of concert-goers displayed a disturbing nostalgia for fascism. Thousands of fans responded to rock star Marko Perkovic by giving the Nazi salute and shouting slogans from WWII.

BattleCry: Ron Luce’s Holy War

May 23, 2006
Truthdig contributor Sunsara Taylor reports again from the front lines -- a BattleCry Christian-fundamentalist rock music rally, where a "sexpert" claims that "condoms don't work," Navy SEALs stage mock assassination raids in the name of Christ, and evangelist Franklin Graham suggests that HIV/AIDS is a punishment from God (Third in a series See: column 1, column 2) .

Fear and Loathing at Philadelphia’s BattleCry

May 13, 2006
Go behind the scenes at a Christian fundamentalist youth rock show in Philadelphia, where hired goons shadowed a young activist, the author of this column, and where a letter of praise from President Bush kicked off the festivities "This must have been what it felt like to watch the Hitler Youth," writes Sunsara Taylor(Second column in a series of three First column here, Third column here).