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‘A Third Iraq War?’

Jun 18, 2014
The breakdown in Iraq means that "the Middle East map -- defined by European powers a century ago -- may be redrawn, either de facto or formally," regional expert Robin Wright writes at The New Yorker. And "globally, the jihadist threat has never been greater."

‘Left, Right & Center’: Syria and the Hour of Decision

Aug 31, 2013
Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer and the other "Left, Right & Center" panelists discuss whether President Obama should start a war after Secretary of State John Kerry said there is clear evidence Syria used poison gas against rebels and civilians. Should Obama wait for more evidence from U.N. inspectors? What is the proper role of the U.S., and should the issue be taken to Congress?

The Muslim World Brings Forth a Counter-Jihad

Sep 16, 2011
Robin Wright's new book, “Rock the Casbah,” surveys the people of Islam a decade after 9/11 and finds they have turned not toward extremism but moderation.The new book “Rock the Casbah” finds the people of Islam have turned not toward extremism but moderation.

London Riots: The View From Brixton

Aug 11, 2011
A student activist living in the middle of London's riots shares her view from the ground on this week's Truthdig Radio in collaboration with KPFK. Also on the show: William Cohan and Robert Scheer on Wall Street's plunge; Robin Wright on Syria, and David Inocencio on juvie journalism.This week on Truthdig Radio: A student activist living in the middle of London's riots; Wall Street's plunge; Syria and juvie journalism.