robert murtha
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Pelosi Campaigns for Murtha

Nov 13, 2006
Nancy Pelosi has thrown her support to ally John Murtha in the race for House majority leader with a letter sent to House Democrats, citing his campaign against the Iraq war as a major factor in the Democrats' recent midterm victory. (h/t: Crooks and Liars)

Lamont Heads New GOP Bogeymen Lineup

Aug 10, 2006
RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman has released a video titled "From NDR to Ned Lamont: The Democratic Party's Transformation From Strength to Weakness" Its message is obvious Its logic is ludicrous -- ie that only blind adherence to Bush's failed policies will make America safe (More after the jump) .

Truthdigger of the Week: John Murtha

Jun 17, 2006
Truthdig salutes Pa Rep John Murtha for his sustained leadership in demanding a pullout of US troops out from Iraq Particularly inspiring was his conduct during Thursday's congressional debate over the war A GOP congressman all but called Murtha a coward, and the 38-year Marine veteran thundered back a response that sent the congressman scurrying for cover In doing so, Murtha again demonstrated the Republican fallacy of equating a call for withdrawal with weakness It's a lesson more Democrats could stand to learn Watch the video of Murtha on the House floor Read Murtha's words from the day of the debate (Wash Po, AP, N Times) UPDATE: Murtha steamrolls over Tim Russert (h/t: Huff Po).