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Rep. John Murtha Dies at 77

Feb 9, 2010
After serving almost exactly 36 years in the United States Congress, Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania has died. He had been in intensive care following gall bladder surgery. He was the first Vietnam War veteran elected to Congress. (continued)

Congress for Sale

Feb 20, 2009
Nearly a quarter of the members of the House of Representatives find themselves embroiled in a lobbying scandal, with Rep. John Murtha at the center. One hundred four representatives earmarked more than $300 million in just one bill, allegedly in exchange for campaign contributions from a lobbying firm founded by a former Murtha protégé.

Giuliani Under the Microscope

Dec 1, 2007
In this Politico video news report, a particularly preppy host (all Capitol Hill style, no doubt) delivers the latest about Giuliani's alleged use of New York taxpayer funds to hook up with his now-wife Judith in the Hamptons -- and as it turns out, Rudy apparently hooked Judy up with her own "police driver and city car" before she was officially known as his extramarital side dish.
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Murtha Clarifies Impeachment Talk

May 1, 2007
Jack Murtha's spokesman has told TPM Café the antiwar congressman doesn't feel impeachment is appropriate "at this time." Murtha mentioned impeachment as one way to influence a president on Sunday's "Face the Nation," prompting speculation around the blogosphere and mainstream media that the Democrats might consider taking more aggressive action against George W. Bush.

House Dems Agree to Timetable

Mar 8, 2007
The Democratic leadership in the House hopes to attach a timetable for withdrawal to an upcoming Iraq war spending bill The most ardent war opponents have expressed dissatisfaction that the language is not unconditional, but Rep John Murtha, D-Pa, a prominent withdrawal advocate, said "you'll see basically what I wanted to do".

War Debate Heats Up in the House

Feb 15, 2007
Eleven House Republicans split from their party Wednesday to oppose escalating the Iraq war, and an anonymous GOP representative said the leadership has 50 to 60 more on a defection watch list. The minority hopes to get its revenge when it comes time to debate funding for the war, but the Democrats have a plan for the showdown, which John Murtha unveiled on Thursday.

A Swamp of Their Own

Nov 19, 2006
Democrats in Congress are split over proposed anti-corruption legislation that would limit lobbyists' access to lawmakers. Critics say the law doesn't go far enough to address "earmarks" and campaign finance problems, and argue that an independent watchdog should be formed to enforce the rules.