robert gibbs
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Gibbs’ Next Gig: Facebook?

Mar 29, 2011
When Robert Gibbs left his White House post as the Obama administration's chief communicator, he made some vague noises about his plans for the future beyond maintaining loose professional ties with his former boss. Now it looks as though he may join another powerful institution: Facebook.

Team Obama Divided on Egypt Approach

Feb 10, 2011
Maybe you've noticed that the Obama administration's strategy with regard to the ongoing Egyptian uprising has lacked a certain consistency That's partly because of divisions within the president's closest circles about how to deal with the crisis and its various factions (more).

Violence in Cairo Draws Fire From Abroad

Feb 3, 2011
Reports of machine gun fire and Molotov cocktails lobbed at anti-government demonstrators in Cairo by pro-Mubarak forces sparked a flurry of disapproving commentary from the West on Wednesday and stoked concerns about Egypt's volatility in the Middle East. Among those speaking out was British Prime Minister David Cameron, above.

Gibbs to Sign Off as Press Secretary

Jan 6, 2011
Wednesday was a big day on Capitol Hill, what with the 112th Congress convening with a Republican at the helm of the House and with the announcement of a significant change in the Obama administration: Press secretary Robert Gibbs will leave his post in February.