right to choose

When Love Could Kill Us

Jan 22, 2018
We are closer than ever to reversing Roe v. Wade and going back to a dark and violent America for young women.
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‘Left, Right & Center’: Hurricane Todd

Aug 25, 2012
Missouri congressman and Senate hopeful Todd Akin's ideas on abortion in rape cases dominated the political conversation this week when the Romney campaign was just hitting its stride on the issues it wants to talk about: the cost of Obamacare and a lagging economy. The "Left, Right & Center" commentators give their take on these matters and more in the show's latest installment.

Pregnancy at Conception? Nope, Says Arizona

Apr 15, 2012
Gov. Jan Brewer and the Arizona Legislature performed a biological miracle Thursday when they decided that pregnancy begins at menstruation -- not the moment of conception -- in a pack of adjustments to abortion regulations that will ban most of the procedures 20 weeks after the start of a woman's last period.