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Senate Panel’s Report on U.S. Torture Abuse

Dec 12, 2008
Read the devastating bipartisan report from the Senate Armed Services Committee that indicts high-level Bush administration officials -- including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld -- as bearing major responsibility for the torture at Abu Gharib, Guantanamo, and other detention facilities.

Brazilian Indians Win Land Battle

Dec 11, 2008
The native people of the state of Roraima have won an important legal victory before Brazil's Supreme Court. With 100 similar cases hanging in the balance, the court decided to keep an Indian reservation intact, to the chagrin of farmers, loggers and even some military leaders.

Mugabe’s Last Stand?

Dec 6, 2008
The U.S. has finally decided that it is "well past time" for Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe to be shown the door. This after he stole an election in June, subverted a power-sharing arrangement and run his once-prosperous nation into the ground.

Chevron in the White House

Dec 3, 2008
President-elect Barack Obama introduced his principal national security Cabinet selections to the world Monday and left no doubt that he intends to start his administration on a war footing. It is revealing that his choice for national security adviser is a director of Boeing, a weapons manufacturer, and Chevron, an oil giant.

Taking Over Bush’s Endless War

Dec 2, 2008
Terrorism (for the umpteenth time) is a tactic, not an enemy. One of the most urgent tasks for President-elect Barack Obama's "team of rivals" is coming up with a coherent intellectual framework -- and a winning battle plan -- for George W. Bush's globe-spanning "war on terror."

What’s a Billion Dollars Between Friends?

Sep 4, 2008
The US is giving Georgia $1 billion in aid, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has announced That could be just a friendly donation, or, seen in the light of America's meddling in the Caucasus, perhaps something more sinister Sorry we didn't go to war with Russia, baby, but here's a billion dollars Buy yourself something nice.