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A Tax Day Plan for Righting the Republic

Apr 11, 2013
If we had a government capable of honoring the collective desire for more jobs, smaller deficits, more education funding, reduced reliance on fossil fuels and Medicare and Social Security benefits preserved, our future could be guaranteed at tax time in no time.

Bank of New York Case Tests IRS Power to Halt Foreign Tax Abuses

Apr 16, 2012
In November 2001, the Bank of New York quietly transferred nearly $8 billion of its assets -- almost 10 percent of its holdings at the time -- to a trust in the small, business-friendly state of Delaware in a critical first step in setting up a tax shelter that has cost the government more than $1 billion in revenue in the past decade.

Box Office Sales Buoyant in 2009

Dec 15, 2009
Which industries actually thrive in the midst of a crippling recession? There are many ways to approach that question, but over the past year, Americans looking for low-impact escapism on a budget went to the movies, and they did so in numbers that might put some of the hand-wringing about the impact of the Internet and the economy on the film business on hold, at least for the time being.

Big U.S. Papers Take a Big Hit

Apr 28, 2009
We've all been hearing this refrain for some time, but this is getting even more serious, people: According to Business Week, circulation numbers for 11 of the 25 biggest newspapers in America have taken a nosedive -- the worst drop yet since the mediapocalypse in the print world commenced.

FCC Cashes In on Spectrum Auction

Mar 19, 2008
After two months and 261 rounds of bidding, the FCC announced Tuesday that it has raised a total of $19.6 billion from the sale of the U.S. wireless spectrum. The revenue, slated to fund "public safety and digital television transition initiatives," is nearly double what Congress had previously estimated for the publicly owned spectrum.