Now You See Him, Now You Don’t

Jul 29, 2013
After years in absentia, retired CIA operative Robert Seldon Lady reappeared out of nowhere on the border between Panama and Costa Rica. And then -- poof! -- he vanished a second time. Not another news story was heard here in the U.S.
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The Latin American Exception

Feb 19, 2013
On a map published in conjunction with the Global Society Institute's damning new CIA report, no region except Latin America escapes the red stain of the United States' global rendition and torture gulag.

Impunity at Home, Rendition Abroad

Aug 15, 2012
Through rendition -- the sending of terrorist suspects to the prisons of countries that torture -- and related policies, President Obama has outsourced human rights abuse to Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, thus avoiding the political stigma of torture, while tacitly tolerating such abuses and harvesting whatever intelligence can be gained from them.

Court Dismisses Torture Flights Case

Sep 9, 2010
Five men who say they were kidnapped and tortured would like to sue a Boeing subsidiary for flying them to their agony, but the Obama administration successfully convinced an appeals court Wednesday to throw out the case. One judge said the court "reluctantly" bought the national security argument.