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Recruiters Scam Students

Nov 5, 2006
ABC News caught Army recruiters on tape misleading undercover students. While some of the recruiters were straightforward and honest, others suggested the Iraq war was over and that dropping out of the military was a simple matter. (Video & Transcript)

The U.S. Military Prefers Nazis to Gays

Aug 15, 2006
That's the only conclusion we at Truthdig can come to when faced with these facts: Recruiters are increasingly admitting neo-Nazis and skinheads into the military, and the number of soldiers kicked out of the military for being gay rose 11% over last year. Also, allegations of harassment and outright crimes committed by military recruiters are up. (story or .pdf report)

Pentagon Shows Stunning Naivete in Video Game Flap

Jun 30, 2006
Supposed Internet experts, working off $7 million in public money, reported to the Pentagon and to Congress that terrorists are retooling American video games for use as recruitment tools Problem is, it wasn't the terrorists who did the retooling; it was American fans--something a 10-year-old could have discovered by using Google(more) .