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America’s Child Soldiers

Dec 16, 2013
The United States has the biggest, most efficiently organized, most effective system for recruiting child soldiers in the world. Its major public face is the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Pentagon Approves Openly Gay Recruits

Oct 20, 2010
While the fate of "don't ask, don't tell" is sorted out in the courts, military recruiters have been ordered to accept openly gay applicants. But both the Pentagon and the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network are warning that out recruits could be discharged in the future.

White Stripes Clash With Air Force Over Super Bowl Ad

Feb 10, 2010
The White Stripes are crying foul over what they call the unwelcome and unauthorized use of their song "Fell in Love With a Girl" by the US Air Force Reserve during a Super Bowl ad last Sunday The band, consisting of singer Jack White and drummer and ex-wife Meg White, issued a statement on their website (continued).

Counter-Recruiters Push for School Access

Jun 9, 2008
The No Child Left Behind Act forces high schools to allow military recruiters access to students. Counter-recruitment groups that pitch alternatives to military service are working around the country to try to limit the impact of the Pentagon's $3.5-billion effort. One organization in the Los Angeles area is pushing, with some success, for equal access.