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Wisconsin Recount a Mess

May 5, 2011
Brad Friedman has taken an exhaustive look at Wisconsin's Supreme Court recount -- a race that held national interest before dropping off the radar -- and determined that officials are working without transparency, using flawed techniques and posting false information.

Wis. Top Court Race in Dead Heat

Apr 7, 2011
Any significant political activity that takes place within the borders of Wisconsin these days is bound to take on a certain intense charge, given Gov. Scott Walker's recent machinations, and the current battle over a state Supreme Court seat is no exception.

Iran Blames It All on the West

Jun 29, 2009
A recount of 10 percent of the ballots in Iran's June 12 presidential election has begun amid heightened tensions with the West. Nine British Embassy workers were arrested in Tehran on Sunday for allegedly being behind the postelection civil unrest. Five of the detainees were later released, but the EU is threatening to pull out its diplomats. Updated