Turkish Forces Enter Iraq

Jun 7, 2007
Although Turkey's foreign minister, Abdullah Gul, is denying the report, other government insiders anonymously confirmed that several thousand Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq on Wednesday to target Kurdish groups that have been attacking Turkey from Iraq, according to the Associated Press.

At Least 8 Die in Turkish Clash

Jun 4, 2007
A raid on a Turkish military camp by Kurdish separatist rebels left at least seven Turks and one rebel dead on Monday and seven more soldiers injured, according to the BBC. The attack took place in the eastern town of Tunceli in the Pulumar region and is being attributed to the controverial Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Congress Declares War on Ports Deal

Mar 9, 2006
The House committee votes 62-2 to block the White House from allowing the UAE to acquire six major US ports At the same time, however, Senate Republicans handed the president a victory by approving a plan to allow Bush to spy without warrants The New York Times says "rebellion" is in the air, but that's mostly because of the ports The spying program, although under some Senate control, is basically a win for Bush.