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Apocalypse No: Doomsday Believers React to Rapture Fail

May 24, 2011
Here we have a very interesting object lesson on the psychological phenomenon known as rationalization Followers of Family Radio's self-styled prognosticator Harold Camping, who encountered some problems with his theory that the world would end last Saturday -- specifically, in that it didn't end last Saturday -- had to come to terms (more).

Your Consumer Guide to the Apocalypse

May 21, 2011
If you believe that Saturday will be the Judgment Day prophesied in the Bible -- a conclusion being trumpeted by Family Radio of Oakland, Calif -- you may not have considered the loose ends involved Here's one: Who'll take care of your non-Raptured pets? Luckily, some enterprising types (more).

The Great Bee Mystery

Apr 24, 2007
Whither the bees? An American bee-tracking group has noted an alarming drop in the nation's honeybee count, apparently due to their losing their inborn homing instincts and thus their way back to their hives. Conspiracy theories abound, according to The New York Times, including one claiming that what's going on here is actually "the rapture of the bees."

Just Say No to Armageddon

Mar 14, 2007
The story goes like this: One day Jesus will come and take his favorite Christians to heaven, leaving the rest to fend off the Antichrist. It's called the rapture, and 20 percent of Christians in America believe it is imminent. That's far too many for a group of moderate Christians and theologians who want to reclaim Sunday school.

‘Daily Show’: Rapture Watch 2006

Aug 4, 2006
Jon Stewart had a roundup Thursday of a bizarre recent trend: Armageddon ?news? coverage. Behold this montage of shame, in which every TV news outlet from ?Good Morning America? to MSNBC seemed to make an appearance. CNN, in its quest for fact, checked something called a ?rapture index,? while Fox News demanded a rapture timetable, prompting Stewart to comment, ?That?s the timetable Fox News is demanding we have."