Statistics Show Dramatic Decrease in U.S. Rape Cases

Jun 19, 2006
The number of rapes per capita has dropped by more that 85% since the 1970s, and reported rape decreased even with other violent crime on the rise, according to federal crime data. Some criminologists say these numbers might be a statistical mirage, but most are convinced that the numbers indicate a real decrease in sexual violence. Rape remains the most underreported of crimes.

Duke Reinstating Lacrosse Team

Jun 6, 2006
Duke University President Richard Brodhead said about his decision: "I am, I know, taking a risk in reinstating men's lacrosse [but] if we did not allow these players the chance to take responsibility for creating a new history for their sport at Duke, we would be denying another very fundamental value: the belief in the possibility of learning from experience, the belief in education itself" .
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South Dakota Abortion Law to Challenge Roe

Mar 7, 2006
In signing a bill intended to ban almost all abortions in the state, Gov Mike Rounds is directly challenging the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v Wade ruling, hoping that a more conservative court will revisit the issue (The South Dakota bill is particularly draconian: It makes no exceptions for rape or incest) The NY Times reports that parental-notification laws do little to discourage abortions or pregnancies Watch a related report on PBS Online NewsHour or read the transcript .

Girl Will Hang for Killing Would-Be Rapist

Feb 17, 2006
An 18-year-old Iranian has been sentenced to death for killing one of three men who were trying to rape her and her niece The Nation sheds light on this shocking travesty Before you work up a xenophobic rage, remember that right here in America we execute the underage and mentally retarded.