Pope Punishes Cardinal in Sexual Abuse Case

Jun 20, 2018
Theodore McCarrick, 87, the retired archbishop of Washington, D.C., has been removed from public ministry and faces further punishment over allegations he sexually abused a teenager more than 40 years ago.

Force-Feeding Is Not Just for Guantanamo

Aug 22, 2013
In response to the prison hunger strike that’s spread throughout California since the beginning of July, a federal judge ruled Monday that officials could force-feed the inmates. After seven grueling weeks, there are still 69 prisoners who are refusing to eat the facilities' meals.
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Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

Apr 15, 2013
In several men’s prisons across California, colored signs hang above cell doors: blue for black inmates, white for white, red, green or pink for Hispanic, yellow for everyone else. On any given day, the color of a sign could mean the difference between an inmate exercising in the prison yard or being confined to his cell.

Truthdigger of the Week: Lawrence Wilkerson

Sep 2, 2011
Former Vice President Dick Cheney launched his memoir this week, and on Tuesday, Lawrence Wilkerson, our Truthdigger of the Week, said he would be willing to testify in criminal court against Cheney should the opportunity ever arise.Lawrence Wilkerson, our Truthdigger of the Week, says he would be willing to testify in criminal court against Dick Cheney should the opportunity ever arise.

Obama Warns of Iran Sanctions

Nov 20, 2009
President Barack Obama has signaled an escalation in the ongoing nuclear dispute with Iran, warning that punitive measures could come soon after Tehran rejected a proposal to send its enriched uranium to Russia or France for further processing.

Thou Shalt Kill

Apr 16, 2008
The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that lethal injection cannot be included under the constitutional amendment barring cruel and unusual punishment, clearing the way for the lifting of state moratoriums on executions that were installed last September.

When They Say No Parties, They Mean it

Feb 7, 2007
Four hundred thirty-three foreigners were arrested by Saudi Arabia's religious police for attending a party that served alcohol and allowed men and women to dance together. So far, 20 have been sentenced to lashings and months of prison time. (Photo above involves a separate case.)