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Truthdigger of the Week: Michael Paarlberg

Jan 27, 2013
After leaving a trail of dead in the private sector, the “long and steady march toward a fully disposable workforce” has turned sharply toward the public sector in recent years, the labor scholar tells us in a column for The Guardian. After leaving a trail of dead in the private sector, the “long and steady march toward a fully disposable workforce” has made a sharp turn in recent years toward the public sector, the labor scholar tells us.

Union Showdown in Chicago

Sep 11, 2012
Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges stopped by “Democracy Now!” to talk about the Chicago public school teachers’ strike, “arguably one of the most important labor actions in probably decades," which "illustrates the bankruptcy of both traditional labor and the Democratic Party."
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Let Them Eat Sports

Jul 26, 2012
As public sector jobs, education, health insurance and social welfare programs crumble amid the specter of economic austerity, the British government has spent more than $14 billion on preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games -- far more than the $4 billion that was estimated a few years ago.

More Cuts and Pain Coming to Spain

Jul 11, 2012
In exchange for a eurozone bailout of $123 billion, Spain’s conservative government Wednesday slashed $80 billion from its budget over the next two and a half years through a combination of sales tax hikes and spending cuts. That’s in addition to $92 billion dropped by the country's previous administration.

2 Million Brits Walk Out Over Pension Cuts

Dec 1, 2011
As many as 2 million British public sector workers went on strike Wednesday to oppose the government’s plans to increase revenue by digging into their hard-earned pensions Just over one-quarter of the civil service walked out, including members of Prime Minister David Cameron's staff.

Job Cuts Outpace Hiring

Oct 8, 2010
What's bad? September saw 159,000 public sector employees laid off. What's worse? A good number of those layoffs were teachers, as private sector hiring failed to keep pace with job cuts by federal and local governments.

Somalia Tops Corruption List

Nov 18, 2009
File this one under Dubious Honors of the World: An organization with the fun name of Transparency International has created a list ranking nations according to "perceived levels of corruption in the public sector," as the BBC put it, and Somalia appears to be the worst of the bunch.