Iran: Incentive Package a ‘Step Forward’

Jun 16, 2006
The six-nation incentive package aimed at halting Iran's uraniam enrichment appears to have some purchase in Tehran. But don't start celebrating. The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei again vowed that Iran would never back down on its nuclear program. This is also bad news for Cheney and Rumsfeld: The appearance of diplomatic progress will make a future U.S. invasion all the tougher to justify.
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Iran Deal: Good Faith or Another Charade?

Jun 2, 2006
Even though the U.S. and five other countries have offered Iran a series of rewards for giving up its nuclear program, Bush and Cheney have given the world ample reason to be skeptical that the White House has any intention of settling this issue diplomatically. (And we're not alone in this sentiment.)

Was Bush’s Offer to Iran Designed to Fail?

Jun 1, 2006
That's the provocative question posed by this N Times article "It became obvious to Mr Bush that he could not consider military strikes on Iranian nuclear sites unless he first showed a willingness to engage Iran's leadership directly over its nuclear program and exhaust every nonmilitary option" Has a decision to hit Iran already been made? Are we seeing a charade like the one before the Iraq war?.