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Death Squads and Prison Abuse in Iraq

Feb 17, 2006
In a big story that is receiving scant media attention, the U claims that Iraqi police forces are acting as "death squads" to wipe out Sunnis At the same time, the Iraq parliament is condemning the U for the newly released pictures of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib.

Media Outlets Censor Tape of Kidnapped Reporter

Jan 31, 2006
Jill Caroll, 28, appears pleading and weeping in a newly released tape. | storyTruthdig says: Al Jazeera won't let us hear Carroll's voice because it would be too "upsetting" to viewers. CNN CNN's "The Situation Room" won't even show a clip. What exactly is going on here? Why not let us, the viewers, decide what's too "upsetting"? How is this any different from Bush's censorship of coffins returning home from Iraq? We've watched jetliners packed with innocents crash into our Twin Towers. We've watched Iraqi civilians bombed in real time by our own forces. Since when did we become unable to judge for ourselves what we need to see to make sense of the world around us?