The Chimerica Dream

Jun 21, 2013
With a set of cyber-campaigns -- from cyber-enabled economic theft and espionage to the possibility of future state-sanctioned cyber-attacks -- evolving in the shadows, it’s hard to spin the sunny “new type of great power relationship” President Xi suggested for the U.S. and China at the recent summit.

Say Hello to the ‘Super Rich’

Jun 18, 2013
The 0.001% of the world comprise a class all of their own, spanning several nations and holding 40% of global wealth; some activists are turning away from industrial agriculture and back to the Native Americans' approach to harvesting; meanwhile, in an age flooded with tweets, videos and blogs, how are readers expected to wade through the news? These discoveries and more after the jump.
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Say Goodbye to Unpaid Internships

Jun 14, 2013
Recent lawsuits could render the latest form of in-office slavery obsolete; an LGBT group visits a paradisiacal island to honor gays once relegated there under Mussolini's fascist rule; meanwhile, death squads in Honduras are still fueled by U.S. dollars. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Whistle-Blower Edward Snowden Opens Up About NSA Leak

Jun 10, 2013
In an interview with The Guardian, the man who was revealed Sunday to be the source behind the British newspaper's recent NSA stories explains to Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill why he became a whistle-blower, when he decided to leak the documents, what he expects to happen to him now and whether he sees himself as another Bradley Manning.