Kids Just Want to Get High

Mar 12, 2010
File this under scary stories about drugs that lead to bad policy, but U.S. health officials just announced that about 7 percent of 12-year-olds have tried to get loaded by inhaling household chemicals. The little huffers far outnumbered junior pot smokers (1.4 percent), but, even at this age, alcohol is America's drug of choice.
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Boom Times for Pot Growers

Oct 21, 2009
The lousy economy has driven some Californians into the marijuana industry, which is doing a lot better than, say, construction. According to this Miller-McCune profile, California will grow an estimated $15 billion worth of weed in 2009, a good portion of it in the backyards and basements of amateurs and newcomers.

Pot Named America’s Top Cash Crop

Dec 18, 2006
Marijuana produced in the U.S. has a market value of $35 billion per year -- far higher than that of corn, soybeans or hay, the top three legal cash crops, according to a report by a marijuana public policy analyst. California produces more than a third of the total.

One Drug, Two Takes

May 2, 2006
The FDA says there is no medical benefit to marijuana Tell that to the assistant D in this story, who used to prosecute drug busts but who now smokes pot to build up an appetite ravaged by AIDS .

Reefer Madness, Cali Style

Feb 2, 2006
Mexican drug cartels have helped make California the largest domestic supplier of pot in the nation Seventy percent of the plants are growing in state and national parks zReportage magazine has an eye-opening photo essay and story.