Homeless America
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The stories of extreme poverty will be increasingly familiar as our ruling elites amass greater wealth and our society devolves into corporate tyranny.


“I think there may be some symbolism here,” the Democratic presidential candidate ad-libbed when a little bird flew onto his podium at a rally in Portland, Ore., on Friday.

Bernie Sanders Supporters Embrace the Word 'Socialism'

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Attendees at the candidate’s largest rally in Portland, Ore., seemed "to understand Sanders’s socialism as a way to reintroduce a simple modicum of humanity into an economic system that has no real cushion [for] those who suffer ill health or simple bad luck,” writes Guardian correspondent Jason Wilson.

How Sea Levels Will Rise

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The New York Times on Sunday published a series of maps showing coastal and low-lying areas in the United States that could be permanently flooded as sea levels rise in the coming decades and centuries.

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