U.N. Population Growth Data Is Bad News for Climate

Sep 20, 2014
A sophisticated new analysis indicates an 80 percent probability that the planet’s population will continue to rise this century, with serious implications for food security, political stability -- and climate change.
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SparkNotes No More—Your Teacher Will Know

Apr 10, 2013
With e-books, educators can see whether you've skipped pages or even bothered to open your textbook; a Spanish study claims there will be fewer people living on earth in the next century than now; meanwhile, although Portugal's government has failed to impose austerity, it's now come up with equivalent replacement measures. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Seven Billion Reasons

Oct 27, 2011
These are daunting numbers, almost as unfathomable as that looming 7 billion figure. But there's no need to turn away because the scope of the problem is simply too large to comprehend.Chances are, you'll hear or read soon that the world's population is about to hit 7 billion.