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Mountain Plants Head for the Peaks

Apr 11, 2018
According to data gathered over 145 years, the number of species on the highest European mountains has multiplied five times faster than during a comparable decade 50 years ago.

Working for Amazon Is No Bed of Roses

Sep 25, 2011
Heat exhaustion, lightheadedness, dehydration and other problems afflicted employees at Amazon's warehouses around the United States this summer, where a steady supply of low-paid temporary workers keeps the packing and shipping lines fully staffed. (more)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Flower Heaven

Jul 7, 2010
As much as one-third of all flowering plants face extinction at the hands of humans, according to new research -- and that's not even factoring in climate change. Such a die-off would have a devastating impact on the food chain. As one of the researchers put it, "if you get rid of [plants] you get rid of a lot of the things above them."