Blurred Vision

Jan 23, 2012
My first reaction to the video released recently of the four U.S. Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Afghans was that it was too ham-fisted and bombastic a metaphor to add anything of real value to the ongoing critique and analysis of this country’s über-mortiferous foreign policy. I began to wonder if I wasn’t, in fact, witnessing the censorship of an enlightening fact rather than the shutting down of mere prurience.
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The Land of a Thousand Penises

Jan 5, 2011
Bhutan, that tiny, idyllic country nestled between China and India, has a thing for male genitals However, an influx of tourists and their prudish ways threatens the ancient art of penis worship, the Global Post reports (more).

Chinese ‘Penis Emporium’ Serves Up the Goods

Aug 29, 2007
Who knew that eating a donkey's, er member is good for the skin? Or that women should refrain from consuming animal testicles? These could be trumped-up claims, but the proprietor and employees of China's Guolizhuang restaurant, a self-described "penis emporium," stand by them, as brave BBC reporter Andrew Harding discovered on a recent culinary adventure.