paul brown

Submarine Methane Raises the Stakes

Mar 16, 2013
Japan has succeeded in pioneering the exploitation of vast reserves of undersea methane. It could be good news for a resource-hungry country and bad for an overheating planet.

Carbon’s Climb Speeds Up

Mar 14, 2013
News that carbon dioxide levels rose sharply last year confirm that climate change will soon be impossible to stop.

Europe’s Carbon Market Limps On

Feb 20, 2013
The European Parliament’s Environment Committee is supporting a plan to prop the price of a tonne of carbon by withdrawing an oversupply of credits from the market.
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Europe’s Climate Forecast: Unsettling

Feb 1, 2013
The European countries currently struggling most economically -- Greece, Spain and Portugal -- will fare worst under climate change as they lose both harvests and tourists to rising heat and low summer rainfall, the European Environment Agency says.