pat robertson

Bill Maher: Bring Back Elitism

Apr 16, 2007
The "Real Time" host argues that many of America's problems aren't caused by the liberal, Washington, Hollywood or media elite, but by the prevalence of unqualified "hayseeds" in George W. Bush's government. Take Monica Goodling, who, in her early 30s and with no prosecutorial experience, oversaw the U.S. attorneys.
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God to Robertson: ‘Say Something Crazy’

Jan 3, 2007
Pat Robertson is at it again, this time claiming God told him that a major terrorist attack in 2007 -- possibly nuclear -- would result in "mass killing." The preacher on Tuesday demanded partial credit for predicting a possible tsunami last year, citing spring rains that drenched New England, so don't rush to judge this latest communique.

Dean Misstates Party’s Platform on Gays

May 18, 2006
The Democratic chairman, speaking on Pat Robertson's network, said that the Dems' platform declares "marriage is between a man and a woman"--when, in fact, it doesn't. Gay rights groups are angry. Update: Pat Robertson, by the say, said that God told him that America would be hit by tsunamis in 2006. OK, Dean misspoke, but what a sad commentary that he was having a serious conversation with a delusional hate-monger like Robertson, anyway.