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The Painting That Saved My Family From the Holocaust

Nov 25, 2015
A frightened young woman left her apartment in Munich in November 1938 and returned with the visa that saved her family. A team of German journalists launched an improbable search to find the missing artwork and tell its story.

Dutch Museum Solves Van Gogh Mystery

Mar 20, 2012
Is it or isn't it? Turns out it is -- that is, a still-life painting of a dynamic flower arrangement that experts at the Kroeller-Mueller Museum in the Netherlands once believed to be the work of Vincent van Gogh but then questioned has been reattributed to the Dutch postimpressionist, thanks in part to some X-ray sleuthing.

Yet Another ‘Mona Lisa’ Mystery

Dec 14, 2010
Just when you thought the "Da Vinci Code" craze had mercifully passed, here comes another potential puzzle hidden in the "Mona Lisa": Members of Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage say they have found symbols embedded in the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci's iconic portrait.

7-Year-Old Bags More Than $200K for Original Artwork

Aug 4, 2010
A collection of scenic paintings by 7-year-old British boy Kieron Williamson sold out in a very short time for a very hefty amount of money -- we're talking half an hour and $236,000 -- at a gallery in Norfolk last weekend That's enough scratch to make the tedious nicknames that those clever media people can't help but bestow (continued).